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Paintings in the Krog Street Tunnel

These murals were done in time for the party. I read (Creative Loafing) that the party promoters got some of the artists (unclear if it was any of the same ones that participated in the paint out or if they were "scratchers") to paint the day of the event--the artists were not paid but their materials were provided by the promoter.

Frida Kahlo.JPG

On Sunday, the day after the event, I saw lots of artists in the tunnel on my way home. I thought they might paint out these two images (Frida Kahlo and Che Guevara) so I went to get photographs. I talked to two of the artists-- asked them if they were painting over everything and one said "no, not everything, just doing some layering." The other one added "the thing about street art like this is that the cool stuff see something that's really great, I mean why would you want to paint over something really awesome." I said I was hoping they'd leave Frida and Che.

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