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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Nature is a celebration of the mystery, promise, and complexity of life.  That is what I seek to capture in my work.  I am interested in the experience of light and shadow, color and texture, the play between the seen and the unseen, between memory and imagination.  As with all things in nature, there is a brief moment that says everything: the rapidly changing quality of light and shade in a forest, reflections moving in water, the hummingbird that suddenly appears, pauses, and then disappears.  My paintings are about these ephemeral moments.


My love of nature was first formed over many childhood summers spent on Jekyll Island, Georgia, where live Oaks drip Spanish moss, and marsh meets ocean.   Later, walks in my family’s fourteen acre forest in Tucker, Georgia taught me to appreciate pines and the understory.


I work on wood panels and begin by building up layers of acrylic paint, sometimes incorporating acrylic ink, collage elements and photo transfers.  I like to combine heavy, thickly applied paint with watery washes that drip randomly.  As I add layers, I scratch and scrape through in places to reveal some of the original layers.  I continue adding and taking away until I’m satisfied with the surface.  At some point in the process, forms emerge and I can see a forest, a bird, a river, a figure. While my process is more intuitive, I am aware of how the images I choose reflect a personal history and become a metaphor for our increasing disconnection from the natural world.


Tracey Lane with Cleo at the B Complex.j



1997    MA, Art History, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

1986    BA, Art History, Emory University



2022   Howard Mandville Gallery, Kirkland, WA, Solo show

2019  The B Complex, “Retropectare”, Atlanta, GA, 20th anniversary group show

2018   Howard Mandville Gallery, Kirkland, WA, Small Works Show,  group show

2018   19th Annual Art Papers Show & Auction, Atlanta, GA, Collector’s Preview

2017   Howard Mandville Gallery, Kirkland, WA, Contemporary Showcase,  group show

2016   Howard Mandville Gallery, Kirkland, WA, group show

2015    Jules Place, Boston, MA, group show

2015    Howard Mandville Gallery, Kirkland, WA, joint show

2014   Howard Mandville Gallery, Kirkland, WA, group show

2013    Jules Place, Boston, MA, group show

2013    Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, GA, joint show

2012    Coda Gallery, Park City, Utah, joint show

2012    Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, GA, Flora and Fauna, group show

2012    Jules Place, Boston, MA, group show

2010    Lakind Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM, solo show

2010    Jules Place, group show

2010    Coda Gallery, Park City, UT, joint show

2009    Gallery One, Nashville, TN, joint show

2009    Lakind Fine Art, group show

2009    Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA, joint show

2009    Chicago Art Source, Chicago, IL, group show

2008    Bennett Street Gallery, group show

2008    Coda Gallery, New York, NY, solo show

2007    Coda Gallery, Park City, UT, joint show

2007    Coda Gallery, New York, NY, solo show

2006    Gallery One, Nashville, TN, joint show

2006    Coda Gallery, Park City, solo show

2006    Coda Gallery, New York, NY, solo show

2005    Mason Murer Fine Art, Atlanta, GA, solo show

2005    Chicago Art Source, joint show

2005    Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, The Ever-Changing Landscape,group show

2004    Mason Murer Fine Art, group show

2002    Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, Political Woman, Juried Show



Traditional Home, April 2014, artwork in home featured in "Playing with Pastels"


Green Art: Roots, Trees, and Leaves, by Ashley Rooney, 2013


SouthwestArt Magazine, December 2012, show preview "Tracey Lane and Kim Brown"


American Art Collector, December 2012, show preview "Observations of Surroundings"


100 Southern Artists, by Ashley Rooney, 2012


SouthwestArt Magazine, September 2008, featured in "Best of the West"


SouthwestArt Magazine, February 2007, featured in article "Tales of the Trees:  Six Artists Describe Their Attraction to Cottonwoods, Aspens, and More"


Southern Accents Magazine, January/February 2007


Today's Custom Home Magazine, Spring 2006


Better Homes and Gardens: Special Decorating Issue, Winter 2005


Hambidge Fellow, The Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2015



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